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Journal Citations

The implementation of treatment procedures based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is supported by a large number of scientific studies.  Below you will find a list of Journal citiations (Citations are a brief description of the author(s), Article Title, Journal where it was published and the Date of the publication) of research articles that demonstrate the effective use of ABA-based interventions in the treatment of children with ASD.

These studies have been published in professional journals where they were subject to review by other researchers to ensure that the studies were conducted in a manner conisistent with accepted scientific research practicies.  This process is referred to as "Peer Review."  The peer review process is considered essential to establish the credibility of a research study.

Additionally Beacon includes links to a comprehensive list of articles that support the use of ABA-based interventions across a broad range of adaptive skills and in the reductions of challenging behavior.

Beacon believes that any treatment claiming to improve the lives of children with ASD should be able to provide objective evidence supporting these claims.  It is the practice's view that making claims regarding treatment effects that are unsupported by objective and replicated evidence is simply unethical.

Journal Citations

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