Beacon Services of Connecticut

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Beacon Services of Connecticut provides a range of services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) including:


Beacon strives to provide intensive behavioral intervention to young children with ASD consistent with research and best practices.  A team of behavioral and associate therapists provides the direct instruction under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  Beacon staff collaborate with early intervention staff and parents to provide up to 40 hours per week of home based treatment.  Beacon conducts a comprehensive assessment and identifies functional skills across a variety of domains (e.g., communication, social, play, etc.).  Beacon also provides parent training and supports children in accessing the community.


Beacon provides supplemental home-based services for school age children.  The focus of home-based services is customized to the individual and may include adaptive skill building and interventions to reduce challenging behavior, which may be hindering the individual's ability to function independently.  Beacon works collaboratively with school districts and famlies to develop objectives and implement teaching programs in the home.


Beacon provides behavioral consulation in homes and schools to children of all ages and varying diagnoses.  Beacon has masters and doctoral level BCBA's that consult with classroom staff or families around behavioral issues.


Beacon has masters and doctoral level BCBA's who conduct FBA's to identify the reasons a child engages in problematic behavior.  The results of the FBA can be used to develop a behavioral support plan aimed at decreasing problematic behavior and increasing appropriate behavior.


Beacon Services of Connecticut offers a wide range of training topics including:

  • A 30 hour course in Applied Behavior Analysis for those implementing intensive programs for children with Autism Spectrum disorder.
  • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Functional Analysis of Behavior
  • Discrete-trial Instructional Procedures
  • Understanding and using Reinforcement procedures
  • Overview of Autism and Related Disorders  
  • Physical Intervention, Prevention and DOE Regulations
  • Functional Communication (PEC’s etc.)
  • Early Brain Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Visually Mediated Instruction


Beacon Services of Connecticut offers a public school partnership program to bring public and private resources together to maximize the educational benefit to children with ASD in the context of the local public schools.  The partnership is committed to ensuring high quality educational/behavioral services that do not require a family to have their child placed outside of the school district.  The mission of the partnership is to enable children with ASD the ability to access clinically appropriate, high quality instructional services within the school districts.  Beacon works collaboratively with teachers and school personnel offering classroom consultation, training, curriculum development, individualized assessment, and data-based measurement systems. 


Beacon Services of Connecticut offers school districts and parents comprehensive student based educational/behavioral assessments.  The purpose of these assessments is to identify academic areas of strength and concern, target behaviors that interfere with academic engagement, and develop data based goals and objectives that drive instruction.  The educational assessment is critical for developing a school based instructional plan designed to increase academic engagement and decrease challenging behaviors.


Beacon Services of Connecticut also offers trainings for teachers and staff relative to maintaining a safe environment when responding to aggressive behaviors. 


The Beacon Assessment Center (BAC) provides comprehensive evaluation services to children and families presenting with developmental, learning, behavior and social-emotional challenges.  The BAC is committed to providing a broad range of high quality, evidence-based services that address the needs of children and families.  Services include Early Intervention Diagnostic Evaluations, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnostic Evaluations, Neurodevelopmental Assessments, Neuropsychological Evaluations and Educational Consultation.

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An essential service for families and early childhood professionals